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What is it for?

  • Improves the aesthetics of the nose and disguises deformities

What does it mean?

  • Rhino-modelling is a non-surgical procedure where the volume of the nose is enhanced with a filler (hyaluronic acid is our preference due to its safety profile). It is performed at the office, aiming to slightly increase some of the nose dimensions or disguise slight deformities. It is a procedure with temporary results and does not allow to obtain such dramatic changes in shape as rhinoplasty, but has the advantage of being more comfortable and with an almost immediate recovery.
  • Patients with “bunny lines/wrinkles” on the side of the nose can also be treated with botulinum toxin to inhibit muscle contraction

Procedure time

  • 15-30 minutes

Other procedures that can be associated

  • Other areas of the face can also be treated with a filler or botulinum toxin

Type of anaesthesia

  • Topical anaesthesia


  • No scars


  • Procedure performed at the office


  • You can return to work the same day, perform sports after 3 days

Most frequent problems and risks

  • In the first days there may be some swelling, bruising or redness. Rarely asymmetry, irregularities, hypo- or hyper-correction and infection


  • 9 to 18 months

Rhino-modelling (Nose Filling)