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Cheeks and Midface


Facial Implants

What is it for?

  • Improves facial contour

What does it mean?

  • Facial implants are solid objects with the proper dimensions to better define the shape and volume of areas such as the chin, jaw, nose, cheekbones and the region lateral to the nose (paranasal sinuses). They involve a surgical procedure in which the implant is placed right above the bone and fixed with use of screws or sutures. The approach is through easily concealable scarring areas (often inside the mouth). Compared with hyaluronic acid or fat grafting, it has the advantage of allowing a more defined contour, with more marked features (e.g.: jaw line or chin) and it is a definitive solution, unlike hyaluronic acid

Procedure time

  • 1 hour

Other procedures that can be associated

  • Fat grafting, botulinum toxin, facelift, mini-lift, blepharoplasty

Type of anaesthesia

  • General anaesthesia


  • It depends on the area treated, but usually the scar is placed in concealed areas (often inside the mouth)


  • Does not require hospitalization


  • Return to work in 2-3 days for mild activity, although some swelling may remain for about 3 weeks

Most frequent problems and risks

  • Initially swelling and bruising often occur. Asymmetry, infection and capsular contracture are risks that must be taken into account, in particular due to the fact that the implant is definitive and can remain in the body for many years. Sometimes, with these complications emerging, the only way to correct them is to remove the implant


  • Lifelong