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Botulinum Toxin ("Botox")

What is it for?

  • Reduces the wrinkles caused by contractions of the facial muscles, frown lines, allows raising the eyebrows and correcting facial asymmetries (facial paralysis sequelae)

What does it mean?

  • Botulinum toxin type A, better known as BOTOX® (one of the trade names), temporarily paralyzes the muscles responsible for the lines and wrinkles of facial expression, allowing the skin to recover from years of contractions and a furrowed forehead

Procedure time

  • 15 minutes

Other procedures that can be associated

  • Depending on the region of the face, it can be supplemented with a filler (hyaluronic acid)

Type of anaesthesia

  • None or topical anaesthetic cream


  • None


Does not require hospitalization


  • It does not require recovery time. Some patients experience a mild headache during the first week

Most frequent problems and risks

  • If overdose, lack of facial expression, asymmetry, drooping eyelid


  • The effect appears only after three to four days, with a duration of four to six months. When the treatment is not repeated, the original muscle movement returns spontaneously